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About the Artist

My fascination with glass art began when I was eleven and decided I would solder a design onto a piece of mirror. I began my first artglass project, which failed because solder does not stick to glass. It would be many years later, that I discovered why the solder didn't stick. That was when I began working in what would come to be a passion in my life - stained glass. It was then I learned to cut glass and wrap copper foil around each piece and solder together the copper wrapped pieces that are put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Twenty years after learning the art of stained glass, I began my education in fused glass art. I have studied under many extremely talented artists that are known worldwide. Each year I attend glass art workshops and continue to learn new techniques, improve known techniques and to be in an exhilarating environment surround by incredible talent.

I hope you enjoy looking through my site. Each piece I have produced has brought me great pleasure and I hope they inspire something in you as well. 


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